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Dear Retropartyzans

Inspired by 3 years of success we have decided to organize the Retropartyzánok event in 2016 as well, this year not in Budapest but Pécs. We invite your club to it.
The Retropartyzánok event will be held with the help of the oldtime/youngtimer clubs organized around the typical vehicles of the
60s, 70s, and 80s and with the classic car clubs of Pécs.

Our main targets:

The clubs are showing  their activities and vehicles with an installation
Besides the clubs their members can also display their treasures.
To make new connections among the clubs and their members
Professional exchanges
We would like to show to the visitors of the event a very interesting and comprehensive display
Besides the clubs we are expecting the major Classic vehicle organization and media to be present again.
The place:
A very nice expo center with 1600 sqm covered floor space and an extensive outdoor area.


07-08 May 2016
Installation:06 May (Friday) 12:00-22:00
07 May 9:00-20:00
08 May 9:00-16:00

Club installations

Every club will have its own space to build their thematical installation and display their vehicles. The Veterán Zsiguli Egyesület (Classic Zhiguli Club) will celebrate the 50 th anniversary of the Fiat 124 and the 40 th anniversary of the Lada 2106

Time travel without barriers

The expo is without barriers, fences, an important message is that it is a virtual time travel. The visitors can woder among the displayed vehicles and can feel themselves a liitle bit back in less rushing times. This can only be achived if they can look inside the cars, can smell the engines toch the carpets and discuss with the owners around them.

Test drive
We will provide the possibility to try classic cars in the ourdoor area

Continously changing outdor classic car parking area:
On the specially designated outdoor area all visitors, attendatds, organizers arriving with a classic car can park, this constantly changing display area will be an integral part of the exchibition.

Classic car parts market
We would like to organize a nationwide advertised classic car pats market for Sunday morning where we expect many parts dealers to come from the country. Vehicles for sale are also welcome

No entry fee
There is no entry fee for either visitors or exhibitors but any support or donations are welcome to amend our expenses.

We can help on finding accommodation in Pécs.

We ask you to do the following:
Please let us know if you would like to participate and how many cars you would like to bring to the display until 15 th February
Ideas are welcome of what kind of specific displays we can show, whyt kind of anniversaries you would like to see.

Based on the above, please give your feedback to

Further information on the event:

Hope to see there!

Veterán Zsiguli Egyesület

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